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Getting to the Core of Your Success

CORE® is a unique diagnostic tool that illustrates your strengths in delivering results. It will also identify some of the things that temporarily ‘block’ you from achieving what you want along with feedback on your communication strategy and it highlights your special talents.

Who is CORE® for?

Core is particularly beneficial to individuals and teams who have the potential to move forward and achieve more. It is suited to
  • Directors and Senior Managers
  • Business Owners
  • HR Business Partners
  • Coaches

What are some of the benefits of having your own Reports?

  • It helps you to be more aware of what makes you unique and the talent that you bring to your role and/or the team
  • It is solutions driven in that it shows you how you can tap into more of what you are good at
  • It enables you to understand your impact on others and what it feels like to work with you.

How does the session work?

It involves two hours ideally away from your usual working environment to concentrate on your individual motivations and what if any thing ‘blocks’ you from using the strengths you have.

What will happen during the Session?

Agree Outcome for your Session

You will be with us for approximately two hours and it will began by asking you what you want to get out of learning more about your motivations and your strengths – essentially “what is your outcome”.


We ask you to prepare beforehand by asking yourself
  1. What are some of the things you want to have got out of learning more about your motivations, strengths and communication style?
  2. What are those things you would like to see yourself handling even better when working with others?

How will you produce an Assessment of my strengths?

We will have asked you to complete this before you arrive

Is there a structure for moving forward?

After feeding back your results we will provide you with some ideas for moving forward in using more of your talent.

Follow up

If follow up does not take place, a large percentage of the learning is lost. Regular contact encourages progress. We will follow through your progress approximately a week after your session on the phone and then again within a month, so that we can discuss what you have achieved. We will then ask you how we can help you on a ‘one to one’ to develop further.

Finally, have a quality and results check on us!
After your session, we will check what you came for, and will ask:

  1. What did you feel you came with as your Outcome, do you now know how to achieve it?
  2. Do you have a plan for how you are going to move forward?
  3. What was the experience like for you? Is there anything you would have liked us to have done differently?

What a previous client said about having this session

“I was amazed at how well Debbie helped me to tap in to my mind and unravel the things that have been getting in my way and really helped me to start the process of clarifying the outcomes that I would like. I felt quite a lot lighter and already more focused having just gone through a process of identifying my desired outcomes”
Community Dentist, NHS