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Executive Coaching with Guaranteed Results

For many of us there is ‘stuff’ that gets in the way of us performing at our best. Sometimes we know things aren’t right but can’t work out what to do or others can see but somehow we are blind to it. This ‘stuff’ that gets in the way can affect your stress levels, the quality of your relationships, your ability to get promoted, to do your job effectively, to communicate well – it keeps you stuck doing the same things over and over again and getting no further forward.

Our coaching gets to the nub of what your experiencing quickly and effectively and helps you to realise more of your potential.

Private one to one coaching

Our coaching package is designed to deliver specific results based on knowing clearly what you want to achieve.

What are some of the benefits?

  • Understand why some things work for you and others do not
  • Get your own profile of what motivates you and some of the things that could be getting in the way
  • Identify your key strengths and areas that you want to work on during the session
  • Work with a system that has a proven track record in helping leaders develop leading edge skills with a money back guarantee

The Package

It’s completely tailored to you. In as little as 3 x 2 hour sessions, we guarantee that you will see results.

Who is it for?

  • Directors and Senior Managers
  • Business Owners
  • HR Business Partners
  • Coaches

How do the coaching sessions work?

Ideally we will meet on a one-to-one basis but sessions could also take place over Skype.

Having well thought out Outcomes is key, however, if you’re unsure about what outcomes you want, we will help you to identify what you want to achieve. This is essential to any coaching session.

We will ask you to consider some of the following:

Imagine you already had your session, what would be different, how would you know that your time had been well spent?

How will we work with you?

During the session, we will help you talk through how you achieve what you want and explore what is stopping you.

Once you know what you want to achieve we then discuss how to make it happen. This may involve simply talking it through at a conscious level or helping you understand what’s happening at a deeper level that could be holding you back.

After the coaching session

Afterwards you will have a structured path for taking things forward. You will know how to take things forward and be confident to take the next steps.

Follow up and Regular Contact

If follow-up doesn’t take place, a large percentage of the learning is lost. Regular contact encourages progress and we will follow through your progress until you get the results you want.

The Future

After the session we will check that you can use what you have learned in different contexts. This will then be followed up with an ‘Action Plan’ for following through on progress.

Results Check

After each session we will check you got what you came for, if your needs were met and if you were satisfied with what you had achieved so far.